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Moira leads movement classes and private sessions for children and adults looking to improve mobility, coordination, strength, and balance. 

She also uses recreational activities — bikes, scooters, and yoga — to challenge, motivate, and evoke new motor learning in children and adults. Whether you need a bike adapted, personalized coaching, or a gentle restorative movement class, Moira can guide you in the best course of action.

In addition to working with children with diverse needs including autism (ASD), cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, Angelman's syndrome, Praeder-Willie and Rett's syndrome, she works with adults with a range of issues from back and neck pain to hip replacements, shoulder injuries, and managing prosthetic limbs.

Moira is a Feldenkrais® practitioner and a Physiotherapy Assistant with 15 years of experience in movement therapy. She has a wealth of insights and strategies to help people move better and feel better — and the patience and creativity to help them enjoy the process!

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