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Dragon Alley Workshop

Building ride-on toys so children can develop a powerful push, dynamic upright posture, and a wider movement repertoire in a fun, accessible way! 

A big thank you to everyone who has helped move this forward:

- all the people who donated money so we could start building!

- all the kids and parents who gamely try the latest version!


Keith Cameron has built 2 ride-ons that let bigger and smaller kids ride with a friend or parent. Renata Braga helped design and build the early prototype. Engineer Zak Dennis offered insights and advice on design, materials and components. Artist and craftsman Adrian Cohen-Gallagher built the original, rigging a rocking horse with longboard wheels.


Help fund this crazy dream!

Shout out to all our supporters:

Anne Wraggett

Lorna & John

Marvin Persbacher

Sarah Johnson

Sarah Miller

Karolina Krystyniak

Jonathon Hodge

Erin Shaver

Helga Godinho

Krista McCann


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