Shoulders, Neck & Upper Back


4-week class (small: 4 people maximum)

*proof of vaccination required

Current session: Tuesday mornings 9 - 10am

Nov 16 - Dec 7, 2021

Next session: Tuesday mornings 9 - 10am

Jan 11 - Feb 1, 2022

- improved function & comfort

- practical exercises

- anatomical insights

- mechanical analysis

662 Broadview Ave, rear entrance

"Cat Class" (Awareness Through Movement® classes)

Classes guide you through gentle, relaxing movements with powerful results. You will use the mechanics of your body and the natural curiosity of your mind to:

- uncover your innate range and flexibility

- regain your natural good posture

- recover from pain and injury

- restore your creative drive

- relax ... and find a balance of energy and calm


How does it work? Not through physical effort or learning a "right way". You build the tools to assess your own movement and weed out the physical habits that prevent you from moving through your days with ease, energy and flexibility. Now you're working smarter – physically, emotionally, intellectually. And it feels good!

Next 6-week series, Tues 6-7pm,  Jan 11 - Feb 15, 2022 

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Practising Yoga

Private In-Home "Cat Class" (Awareness Through Movement® class)

Are aches and pains slowing you down? Do you want to work with less tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back? Do you want to get on a path to fitness that's enjoyable, and sustainable, and safe for your age and stage? Private classes give you expert support and guidance to reach your goals.

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