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Adapted bikes and coaching strategies for children


Moira teaches children age 2-16 how to ride bikes. She specializes in adapting bikes to meet their needs, and developing children's skills so they can ride as independently as possible.

For children who can't yet walk, or do so with difficulty, biking provides a wonderful sense of independence and adventure while building strength, agility, and coordination.


For children with autism and/or sensory, self-regulation, or communication issues, learning to ride a bike is a beautifully concrete activity that allows them to work their muscles and their minds in a way that boosts strength, confidence, focus, communication and sequencing.

Click here to request a spot:

  • in our free webinar "Adapted Bikes & Coaching" Tues June 4, 9:00-9:30pm

  • book an assessment ($150) with subsequent lessons at $75 for a half-hour session (plus $25 equip fee if child requires adapted bike provided):

    • Saturdays (& Sundays in winter) at Paediatric Physiotherapy Associates, Variety Village, Scarborough

    • Sundays (spring, summer & fall) in Toronto, Alexander Muir Gladstone Public School (Dundas & Dufferin)

    • Thursdays at SMILE Therapy for Kids, Richmond Hill (Dufferin & Hwy 407)

    • Tuesdays in Riverdale (Danforth & Broadview)

    • Mondays in the Junction (Dundas St W & Keele St)

Moira and her bike coaching has given my family a new totally inclusive activity by teaching my daughter to ride a bike. We started with baby steps and now we are looking forward to a great summer. Believe that your child can ride a bike because Moira can do it!  

We started taking biking lessons with Moira three years ago. She helped us adapt a bike so that my eldest daughter could ride independently, and she is continually exploring new adaptations and activities to help her develop skills, strength and confidence. Both my girls took lessons with Moira last summer, and it was great for them to have an activity they could do together, cheering each other on and taking turns on the track. Their bodies move and learn differently, but biking is an activity that we can all do together. When we go camping in the summer, we load up on bikes and scooters to give the girls a chance to practice riding around the campground loops. I still remember the joy of that kind of freedom as a young child and I'm glad my kids can get a taste of it too.

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