Swimming for Children with Special Needs

Biking for Children
with Special Needs

Moira teaches children age 2-16 how to ride bikes. She specializes in adapting bikes to meet their needs, and developing children's skills so they can ride as independently as possible.

For children who can't yet walk, or do so with difficulty, biking provides a wonderful sense of independence and adventure while building strength, agility, and coordination.


For children with autism and/or sensory, self-regulation, or communication issues, learning to ride a bike is a beautifully concrete activity that allows them to work their muscles and their minds in a way that boosts strength, confidence, focus, communication and sequencing.

Book online here for a free ZOOM information session "Choosing & Adapting a Bike for a Child with Special Needs" Wed Feb 16, 2022 at 8:00pm or click here to book a private session Sundays, 12-4pm.


Swimming is a great way to inspire playful exploration, new movement patterns, and myriad sensory experiences. 

It gives children who can't yet walk, or do so with difficulty, a wonderful opportunity to move more freely, and feel their whole body working together. In the water, they can play with their friends and family in fun new ways.


Children with autism and/or sensory, self-regulation issues often really enjoy water play: it's an activity that engages all their senses, expands their movement repertoire, and promotes strength, coordination and confidence.

To book a private class for your child Sunday afternoons, click here.